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New Photos Added February 17, 2011

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GTX Almost Gone

1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

"My brother found this 1970 Plymouth GTX sitting in the woods behind a guys house. It is not for sale and has been there for several years. The body is in very good shape to have been sitting this long. It is sitting on the ground with no tires on the rear so the floors may be in bad shape. It's a 440 with an automatic, tan with orange interior. Still has the original paint except for the left front fender. Maybe he will sell it before it's too late."

From Spragg in Georgia


Brookwood Barn Find

1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

1959 Chevrolet Brookwood

"Well, my dad and I are always on the look out for '59 Chevy's, and we found another one in Kelso, WA. It's a 1959 Chevrolet Brookwood wagon in original, unmolested condition. Alpine white and highland green color combo with a straight six and power glide tranny. Upon further research it turns out to be numbers matching and produced in the desirable Los Angeles, CA plant in '59 with one piece bumpers. Bought (stole) it for $800 and since it's so cool in it's current condition, we'll probably just freshin' it up and go cruisin'. Keep up the good work!"

From Tyler in Washington


Snowbound Cyclone

1971 Mercury Cyclone

1971 Mercury Cyclone

"Here's a 71 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. Took these at my friends house. It’s his neighbor’s car. He said it was once restored or either very well taken care of at one point, now the guy just lets it waste away. My friend has had some contractors who were working on his house try and talk to the older man, but they just get yelled at and the door slammed in their faces. Not too often you see an old Mercury, and surely not one of these."

From RC in South Dakota


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