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New Photos Added December 16, 2010

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Coronet Convertible for Parts

1968 Coronet 500 Convertible

1968 Coronet 500 Convertible

1968 Coronet 500 Convertible

1968 Coronet 500 Convertible

1968 Coronet 500 Convertible

"While heading to an inspection of a jobsite, I came across this poor relic off the edge of an old farm road. Upon closer examination it was obvious this car was too far gone to save but could help another project with some of its convertible only parts. I returned a few weeks later and made contact with the property owner and purchased the car for parts, much to the dismay of the mice and snakes that had made a home in it over the ten years it sat in the woods."

From Ken in Maryland


Buick GS Grave

1970 Buick GS

"My dad told me about this Buick GS behind an old machine shop. Needless to say, I went to see it. Still has the original tires and 350 small block. It looks like it was wrecked because half is green and half is white. There's an old Jeep and a Charger sitting nearby."

From Eric


Storage Yard Torino

1968 Ford Torino

1968 Ford Torino

1968 Ford Torino

"Here's a '68 Ford Torino GT convertible, it's sinking into the ground and completely rusted. The hubcaps and engine parts are all over the interior and the top is completely gone. I opened the hood and the hinges were rusted completely off and the hood was cracking in my hands. Under the hood was just an engine block, looking like it was a 428, but it could have been a 390. The car has bucket seats, with a full console and it's an automatic car. Doesn't look restoreable."

From Chris

Update from Joe sent in 12/26/10: "This Torino is an Indy Pace Car Edition. Quite rare! I worked in a Ford dealership for years and we sold one. It was the only one I had ever seen until seeing these pics."


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