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New Photos Added September 16, 2010

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Classic Barn Chevy

1952 Chevy

1952 Chevy

1952 Chevy

"Here's a '52 Chevy I found in an old barn in the middle of Iowa. It's been parked there since 1958 because of a blown motor. Interior looks perfect. Hopefully all the Barn Swallow poop hasn't destroyed the exterior."

From Hal


Thunderbird Napping

1966 Ford Thunderbird

1966 Ford Thunderbird

"Here's a '66 T-bird taking a LONG nap! It belongs to a friend's wife, and I'm sure it'll sit here until there's nothing left but a pile of rust."

From Anonymous


Junkyard Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

"This '70 Challenger R/T is sitting in a nearby junkyard. It's a 383 car that was complete when it was parked here in 1983."

From John in West Virginia


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