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New Photos Added August 19, 2010

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Broken Bricklin

1975 Bricklin

1975 Bricklin

1975 Bricklin

1975 Bricklin

"I live in northwest Indiana and work in Chicago. I take a train to work everyday and there's this '75 Bricklin in some guy's backyard. I passed this car everyday, and I always dreamed about owning it. One day, I went and looked at it up close. It was sitting on milk crates, and rotting since the 1980's. I was hoping it was in better condition, but it was too far gone for me. The back window had a gap, and water had been pouring into the closed interior for years. The frame was completely rotted out, and the dashboard and interior was all rotten. I contacted the president of the Bricklin International Club, hoping he could help find someone to rescue the car. Unfortunately, the owner ended up junking it in June 2010."

From Jon in Indiana


Still a Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird

"This picture was taken back in 1988. It belonged to the owners of a Chrysler dealership in Dayton, Tennessee. It was in poor condition, but worth restoring. I think it was a 440 4-BBL car. I have heard that they still have this car and a few other Superbirds. Thought everyone would enjoy this old photo. Thanks!"

From Darren in Tennessee


Almost Gone AMC

1969 AMC Javelin

1969 AMC Javelin

"This is what's left of a '69 AMC Javelin It's slowing becoming one with the Earth in a private junkyard near Avard, OK"

From Damon in Oklahoma


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