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New Photos Added July 29, 2010

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Southern Roadrunner

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

"This '70 Roadrunner belongs to a friend of mine. I tried to get him to sell it to me, but he said he was fixing it up (along with a Charger he was building into a 'General Lee'. It's been ten years, and he still hasn't even moved this car!"

From Mark in Kentucky


BC Bel-Air

1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air

1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air

"I found this in my land surveying travels in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada."

From Dylan in British Columbia


Nova No-Sale

1966 Chevrolet Nova SS

"Here's a '66 Super Sport Nova that I've been trying to get for years. The original owner still has it. Of course, it's not for sale. At least he cares enough to keep it under a roof."

From Spragg in Georgia


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