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New Photos Added April 29, 2010

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Charger R/T Rescue or Removal?

1969 Charger RT

"I saw this poor old Charger R/T cruising down Route 84 near Middletown, New York. Looks like someone dragged it out of a lake! It appears to be in extremely rough shape. Not sure if it's going to be parted or restored."

From Carl in New Jersey


Mustang in Pieces

1969 Mustang

1969 Mustang

1969 Mustang

"Here's a '69 Mustang (or what's left of it) that I had to pick up recently. It had been laying in a farmer's field since 1975. Not much of it left by now. I hooked it up to drag it out and it literally broke into 3 parts. The farmer said, 'I really would have liked to restore it.' It was a stick-shift car with factory tach. Another shameful loss!"

From Sam in Wisconsin


Burned Out Buicks

Burned Buicks

Burned Buicks

Burned Buicks

"This '69 Gran Sport and '72 Skylark Suncoupe were in my shop/garage when a solvent tank fire took the whole building and both cars. They're scrap metal now. I did save the fresh 455 with Stage 1 heads that was in the Gran Sport"

From James


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