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New Photos Added December 3, 2009

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Somewhat Burned Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird

"Here's a pic of my Bird exactly where I found it. This car was a Maine car, and hit a tree early in its life. Then it caught on fire and burned its feathers. The car still had the auction numbers on it from being sent to a salvage auction company."

From Anonymous

Beat-Up Fury

1963 Plymouth Fury

1963 Plymouth Fury

"Hi, thought you might like this one. This is a '63 Fury big block car with bucket seats and air conditioning. It even has the factory reverb unit for the AM radio. The car is surprisingly complete, but as you can see someone has beat it to pieces and the floorpans are completely gone. What a shame!"

From Butch in Arkansas

Road Boat Caddy

1963 Cadillac

1963 Cadillac

1963 Cadillac

1963 Cadillac

"This car is located in my town, I'm trying to buy it and make a hot rod out of it. I know it's not the usual muscle car for, but I thought you might appreciate a salvageable road boat just the same. Thanks for the great site!"

From Damon

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