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New Photos Added October 22, 2009

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Scavenged Mustang

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

"This Mustang Fastback has been sitting in the same spot since 1985. It was driven here and then parted out. It was originally a 289, 3-speed car."

From Glen in Idaho

Rotting Javelin

1974 Javelin AMX

1974 Javelin AMX

"Hi, I found your page and was pleased to see that I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with people letting cool rare cars rust away. I was driving in the country and saw this '74 Javelin AMX with the rare Pierre Cardin interior and fiberglass cowl induction hood, sitting next to a dumpy mobile home. I pulled in and there was trash everywhere and walked up to the door and knocked. As I started talking, he interrupted me and said 'It's not for sale' and slammed the door. I decided to check and see if it was still there a couple of years later and sure enough, it was there but moved to another part of the property behind a fence. I talked to a lady there who said it belongs to her 'A-hole' brother. That spoke volumes. She wouldn't let me through the fence to get a better look but did let me take some photos. She told me the usual story about how he had grand plans on restoring it some day. She said he had a habit of not finishing anything. So, it will probably rust down to the frame and dissolve in a decade or so given the winters we get around here. So sad. "

From Anonymous in Washington

Marine Corps Find

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

"Steve, I found this '70 Challenger in Raleigh, North Carolina in a guys back yard in 1991 where it gave up the ghost back in 1988. I was in the Marine Corps at the time and hauled (trailer pic) it to my Grandfathers barn in Western New York where it went into storage (other pics taken in 2008). I traded him a plane ticket for it! Just got pulled out of the barn in prep to be shipped to Washington State where I moved after retiring from the Marine Corps last year. Car is original Plum Crazy on white with white vinyl top with 383 and 727 TF. Has a 440HP from a 1969 Road Runner under the hood now. Semper Fi! "

From T. Nickerson

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