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New Photos Added January 16, 2014

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Superbird Sighting

1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird

"My friend bought this at Carlisle about a year ago. He's done a complete rotisserie restoration on it since then. I'll have to take some pictures of the finished car when I'm there next. It's a 440-4bbl, automatic, bucket seat, console car."

From Jeff in New York

It seems that this Superbird has some history on

It was seen in 2009:

Then again in 2010:


GTX Second Chance

GTX Second Chance

GTX Second Chance

"Sad story, happy ending. Here’s some pictures of a 1972 GTX that was totaled back in the early 90s. 440 six pack, 4-speed. The car was wrecked then put behind a silo until recently. A clone of the car was built, and any remaining parts were re-used. Also a picture of the clone car. Even though, note now a ’71 grille was used on the clone car."

From Sheila


Shelby Hertz Huntdown

1966 Shelby Hertz

1966 Shelby Hertz

1966 Shelby Hertz

"I found this car not far from my house some years ago. Unfortunately or fortunately the car has disappeared. I was never able to find anyone around to ask about it. Rumor has it the car is now sitting in a garage nearby. It would be interested to know what really happened to it."

From Kevin



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