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New Photos Added July 19, 2013

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Javelin and Firebird

1972 AMC Javelin

1972 AMC Javelin

1972 AMC Javelin

1972 AMC Javelin

1972 AMC Javelin

"Hi Steve, here are some new pics of a couple of cars I have been watching over the last couple of years. The owner of the Javelin (all parts are there) has had it a long time and would not sell it but was going to fix it up someday. Well it turns out that he finally started the resto, doing the interior and the motor a 390 as a HO. Then he stalled and is looking to sell it in order to pick up another Mark Donahue Javelin he found that’s done and ready to cruise so someone with a good bank roll will get it with a good head start. The Bird's owner says it was her first car so she plans to restore it some day and it's not for sale."

From Mike in Pennsylvania


No Save Super Bee

1969 Dodge Super Bee

1969 Dodge Super Bee

"Here is a '69 Super Bee that I found. It was a 383 Magnum with an auto transmission. It is too far gone to try to restore. It has been hit pretty hard in the front and the body is very rusty. The guy said that he would sell it, but would not give me a price. It has some decent parts left. Maybe he will sell it before the parts are too far gone to use."

From Spragg in Georgia



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