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New Photos Added January 31, 2013

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Uncle's Camaro

Uncle's Camaro

Uncle's Camaro

Uncle's Camaro

Uncle's Camaro

"This Camaro is sitting on my property. My uncle asked if he could keep it here for a while. Little did I know it would be 13 years! I have asked time and again for him to come and get it or give me the title. I'm about to exercise the 'possession is 9 10ths of the law' rule. I know there is no saving it, but there are a few useable parts to sell."

From Brian in Iowa


Crushed Cuda Convertible

1971 Plymouth Cuda Convertible

"My friend found this '71 Cuda Convertible partially crushed in a junkyard years ago. He bought it and brought it home, but it's pretty far gone to repair. It was a 340/auto car in Sassy Grass green."

From Jeff in New York


Celicas Not For Sale

Celicas Not For Sale

"I found these two Toyota Celicas on an old farm in eastern Washington. The property owner had several cars scattered around, but these two import beauties caught my eye. One is pretty rough, but the other looks like all it needs is a battery to be back on the road. Of course, nothing is or sale."

From Kyle in Washington



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