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New Photos Added August 9, 2012

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My Last Mach 1

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

"I found this '70 Mustang Mach 1 by pure chance. I was visiting the property next door and saw this beauty on the tree line from a great distance. Sure she's rough, but not too rough to save! Especially since it's my dream car. After some digging, I tracked down the owner and found out the car previously belonged to his son who passed away many years ago. The owner doesn't have the heart to sell his sons last car."

From Jamie


Flatbed Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger

"I ran across this 340 Challenger on a flat bed several years ago. Frame looked really bad, heard it was headed to a crusher. The drivetrain was still complete. Such an absolute shame."

From Chris in New York


Camaro Calling Me

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

"I've been hounding the owner of this '68 Camaro to sell for over 20 years. No luck, he says he's gonna fix it up someday. It's in a small town in northern Illinois. Supposedly still has the original drivetrain, original radio and original deluxe interior."

From Tony in Illinois



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