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New Photos Added May 10, 2012

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UK GTX Found & Saved

1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX

"Hi Steve, I came across this '69 GTX back in 2007 in Leeds UK while looking at another car. The guy was happy to sell but for much too high a price! I came across it again a year later & the guy was then much more realistic with the price so I bought it.

It came off the road in 1991 & has been sitting in long grass ever since. Prior to that had been used for drag racing with a supercharger mainly at York race way (photo attached) It's a genuine GTX with a 440 & 727 transmission. The frame rails were rusted through & was packed full of bondo. Almost all of the panels have had to be replaced but it's off to paint next month & well on it's way to it's former glory."

From Shaun in Norfolk UK


429 Torino Wagon Hanger Find

429 Torino Wagon Hanger Find

"I found this factory 429 Ford Torino wagon in an airplane hanger in Nebraska. Luckily I was able to strike up a deal and save this one from rotting away where it had been sitting for years."

From Annonymous


Belvedere in a Yard

1956 Plymouth Belvedere

"I pass this car at least twice a day and it finally occurred to me to take a pic. So, I thought I would share. I think it's a '56 Plymouth Belvedere but don't quote me on that. Lol."

From Jeannette



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