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New Photos Added February 2, 2012

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South Texas Challenger Saved

1972 Dodge Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger

1972 Dodge Challenger

"I watched this car for a number of years. I would visit it when I went down to my grandparents house in south Texas. A couple years ago, it was pulled out of its slumber and it looked like someone was working on it. The next year, there was a cut-up donor car to supply a new roof and quarters. Hopefully this one will be brought back from the dead."

From DP in Texas

*UPDATE 2/23/2012:This car was seen for sale on Tampa Craigslist. Looks like it's still alive! Thanks to reader Sye for the tip!


Side Street T-Bird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

"I might expect see a lot of old cars sitting on a side street like this, but a '57 Thunderbird? This poor car has been sitting here as long as I can remember, and it's rotting away in front of my eyes."

From David in Maryland

Biscayne in a Barn

Chevy Biscayne

Chevy Biscayne

Chevy Biscayne

"I was on a hunting trip in Iowa and saw this 4-door Chevy Biscayne was in a barn on the property. I know it's not an SS Chevelle or Mopar muscle car, but it's a cool old barn car nonetheless."

From Bob in Michigan



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