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New Photos Added July 28, 2011

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Terminal Trans Am

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

"This '69 Trans Am was sitting since the early 80's. I used to pass it every day on the school bus. When I was old enough, I tried to buy the car, but got the 'Gonna fix it up someday' answer from the owner. It's very rusty and practically falling to pieces. I recently went by there, and the car was gone."

From Bob


Junkyard Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

"I found this '70 Challenger in a yard in New York. It's a 383 big-block car and looks pretty solid!"

From Jeff in New York


Corn Crib Convertible Ford

1973 Ford LTD Convertible

1973 Ford LTD Convertible

1973 Ford LTD Convertible

"We found this 1973 Ford LTD 2-door convertible in a wooden corn crib when cleaning up my father-in-law's estate. He bought it new and only put 20,000 miles on it. He parked it and let it sit for over 30 years."

From Kenny in Indiana

Update from Dave S:
"The blue Ford LTD in the 7-28 update is actually a 1972 model year. 1972 was the last year Ford made a full size convertible. They ceased production of convertibles after the 1972 model year and didn't resume until sometime in the 80's with the Mustang. It might seem trivial, but some might want to know."



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