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New Photos Added June 23, 2011

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Barn Charger

1969 Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger

"My dad and I found this '69 Charger collecting dust in a barn in Ohio. We bought it in July 2010 and began a total restoration. The car has a 440 and 727 automatic transmission."

From Zack in Ohio


Missed it Mustang

1970 Ford Mustang

1970 Ford Mustang

1970 Ford Mustang

"This is a 1970 Mustang with only 32,000 original miles. It has been sitting in the bushes for over 20 years. It ran when it was last parked, and the original owner kept parking it further and further back into the woods and then forgot about it. I was supposed to buy it for $100, but they sent it to the junkyard before I could get help to dig it out. It was a 302 automatic with green leather interior. The interior was in pretty good shape, and the whole car could have been saved and restored."

From Katie


Forgotten Farm Truck

1955 Chevy Stake Bed

"This 50's Chevy is sitting on a farm that my grandparents are renting. It appears to be very original. They had it running about a year ago to move it out of the barn. It's in great shape for the year, only surface rust and no dents that I could see. It's a shame to see a classic truck like this just sitting out and rotting away."

From JH in Kentucky


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