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New Photos Added April 14, 2011

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Pierre Cardin Javelin

1973 AMC Javelin

1973 AMC Javelin

1973 AMC Javelin

"I found this car through a co-worker. It's a 1973 AMC Javelin with the rare Pierre Cardin interior. Engine was a 401 with automatic transmission. Had the original cowl induction hood with rare air cleaner. The car sat for about 7 years before I brought it home. Pored some Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders and let it sit for a few days. Added some fresh gas, and it fired right up!"

From Gary


442 W-30 Waiting for Resto

1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30

"This 1970 442 W-30 convertible has been sitting for quite a while. The owner says he'll get around to it someday. I don't know how long it has been waiting for life and how long it'll continue to wait."

From George


First Ride in a '34 Chevy

1930 Chevrolet 2-Door

1930 Chevrolet 2-Door

"I found this '34 Chevrolet sitting behind a farmers barn. He was a super nice fellow. He said it was the car his parents drove to bring him home from the hospital when he was born. Of course, it's not for sale, but he did let me snap a couple pics."

From Spragg in Georgia


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